I guess I might as well start posting some pages from reMIND.

I have always felt kind of worried about showing too much stuff too early but I’m at the point where I feel like everyone is tired of me talking about my graphic novel and ready to see something. After all I’ve been talking about it for almost 3 years now, and 10 or more if you count the time I spent making it into an animation. Someday I might get the nerve up to post some of the animation clips just to prove that it’s come a long way.

I also worry that if I don’t start getting a small audience now then I may never sell enough copies when I finally publish it.

Over the weekend I found the best blog I’ve ever read and it has inspired me in this project like no other. It’s called Project Waldo by Nate Simpson.

It’s a blog all about him quitting his day job for a year to make a script and animatic for an entire film. Throughout the process he talks about all he is learning and going through while he makes this film. Quite a few months into it his feedback on his script revealed that his movie was not getting anywhere quickly.

As it turns out, he scrapped the first idea and started over with a new idea and this time he decided to make a graphic novel instead based on his friends advice. The pages he’s been posting over the last few months are nothing short of amazing. It’s some of the best work I’ve ever seen for a graphic novel.

If you decide to read ProjectWaldo, I suggest you start from the beginning and read the comments too.  It’s a bucket load of great information on the process of being creative.

Anyway, I’ll post some new pages of reMIND next week. Let me know if the pages are too big to view when you click on them. I can save them a few inches smaller if anyone has trouble looking at it.