Friends of reMIND! Here are a bunch of webcomcs that you might be interested in reading. Many of these guys have become great friends of mine since launching reMIND and have helped me out in some way or another. Take some time to check out their sites. A few of these are rated R but nothing beyond that to my knowledge.

My personal favorites are in bold. Anything over PG is marked with an (R).

The Wormworld Saga
Axe Cop
Bearmageddon (R)
The Bean
Gunnerkrigg Court
The Meek (R)
Toilet Genie
Twilight Monk
Aquarium Drinking (R)
Moon Town
Carpe Chaos
The Oswald Chronicles
The Phoenix Requiem (Finished)

(I know links are a big deal to all us webcomic artists out there. I try to update this page when I remember someone I need to add but I tend to forget to do it when I have down time. Hopefully someday it will represent everyone I follow and appreciate.)


Here are some images for reMIND if anyone is interested.