Well, My friend Brian Brethauer has been helping me get the finishing touches done on Progressions: The Making of reMIND for all my Kickstarter backers who pledged a little extra for a copy Making Of book. After getting printing prices on everything, I had to make the hard decision to cut it down to a smaller page count so that it didn’t cost me an arm and leg to print and ship. All the last dollars I had left from Kickstarter were safely locked away for this purpose but then my distributor told me I was running out of reMIND volume 1 a few months ago. So I ended up spending another $11k to reprint a 3rd printing so that my distributor didn’t drop me. There went all my spending cash. :(

Luckily I released Unnatural Talent on Amazon and it has sold fairly well, but not enough to cover the printing and shipping costs of Progressions. I probably could have done very well if I launched another Kickstarter for it instead but I just didn’t feel right about launching a new one before finishing all my obligations from the old one. So, I did a super soft launch and well, I need a new strategy now. ;/

So now, I’m thinking of launching a SUPER limited kickstarter for Progressions, AND Unnatural Talent to see if I can generate just enough cash to fully fund Progressions and be able to ship it out to everyone who is nicely waiting for their copy. The thing is, I want it super limited so it doesn’t take me too much time to ship out orders. Like maybe 100 backers only or something. This is all just an idea at this point but if I do this it would likely be in January and only run a week or two.

Sorry to keep you hanging about the new project. This new thing is going to be a crazy ride probably. Mainly because I’m not going to build a backlog of pages before I start posting them like I did with reMIND, I’ll just post them as I finish them this time. That means you’ll probably be seeing me change pages after the fact. :)

See you next update for the big announcement!