We are getting really close to the end now. I guess this means I need to start announcing some of the new things that I’m working on right? Well, I’ll give you a rundown soon but for now I just wanted to announce a big change for anyone who has followed this blog hoping to get any How-to advice. You might have been aware that I started a site a few years back called MakingComics.com. Well, since completing reMIND and being nearly finished with my How-To book I have decided to shift my focus to new frontiers of teaching which I’ll announce at a later date. But for now…

MakingComics.com is under new Ownership!

I handed off the company to the talented Patrick Yurick, who has big plans for launching the site into the stratosphere! I will still be a contributing author to the site especially once I have my How-To book ready to sell, but the cool thing is Patrick is assembling a team of great people to keep the content top notch and streaming for anyone wanting to stay in the loop about making comics!

Here is the new Mailing List! (http://eepurl.com/ENZ4f)

I’ll be shutting down the old Making Comics mailing list in about 2 months so make sure you get on the new one if you want to get all the new Making Comics stuff!

(My personal mailing list will remain the same if you only want to get news from me it’s on the right of this site) ——>

Facebook Making Comics pagehttps://www.facebook.com/makingcomics

Google+ Page: http://goo.gl/KT9IQx

Now that I have confused everyone my job is complete. :)


More original Art on Ebay!


Original Art: reMIND by Jason Brubaker – reMIND Vol 2, Page 166 – Inks http://r.ebay.com/YyHrQN


Original Art: reMIND by Jason Brubaker – Lighthouse Blob – final pencil art http://r.ebay.com/aZpkzL

They both should be active at 5AM (PST) Monday and will expire in 7 days! I’ll try to keep actioning more art from now on.

Have a great Monday!