I have been in Idaho at my parents house enjoying the Christmas break and I got a package from my printer. It has the completed box set and books for my approval. The printing and binding has all been finished and crates of books are now sitting in a Chinese warehouse waiting to get loaded onto a giant boat. Actually, as of now, they should already be on the boat. :) The finished books look beautiful and to prove it to you, here are some pictures I took.

The color, the covers, the box set and binding all look amazing! I’m so happy with how it all turned out and it even matches the exact size of the first printing so anyone who has the first printing of Volume 1 who shelled out cash for a slipcase and Volume, it should all fit perfectly together and look like a complete set.

One more reMINDer that if you want to see the ending of reMIND right now, you can get all of Volume 2 only on ComiXology until the books come out in Spring of 2013. And as a special bonus, I am offering reMIND Volume 1 on ComiXology for FREE until the last week of January. And as a fun little side note, ComiXology interviewed me about reMIND for their podcast here.

Well, I better get back to relaxing before my vacation is all over. I hope you all have an exciting finish for 2012 and I can’t wait to see what happens in 2013!