reMIND Volume 1 is now on ComiXology! You can acquire it in all its glory right here:

Also, I was just notified that reMIND is now on the Canadian Amazon site! This is great news because now if you live in Canada, you don’t have to pay crazy shipping fees if you order from Amazon. Here are the links below. I noticed that Volume 1 has an incorrect shipping date though. I should say it’s shipping on April 1st.

Link for Volume 1 (Canada)…

Link for Volume 2 (Canada)…

Last but not least, you might notice my little plug for my upcoming How-to book with the working title “Unnatural Talent”.  Jump on my mailing list if you want to get a chance to download it in advance because I’ll be offering chapters for free to my mailing lists in return for your opinions. This will not happen until early next year but I wanted to start getting the word out there now.

See you next week!