Now in other news. reMIND has recently been spotted out in the wild at the Vernon Hills Public Library in Lincolnshire, IL. Tom Dell’Aringa send me this picture that he shot. I’ve been told by many others that they saw reMIND in a library but this is the first time someone sent me the proof. It’s cool to see it with the big thick piece of tape across the spine. :)

Does anyone want to buy a large format scanner? (UPDATE: SOLD)

I bought a big 11×17 inch scanner a few months ago for about $170 on Amazon and I used it one time on my Mac. Since then it hasn’t worked on my Mac anymore and apparently it isn’t even compatible with a Mac. So I want to sell it for $50 to whoever wants to take it. If you like in LA then you can come and pick it up from me if you want or you’ll have to pay a bit more for shipping. Send me an email to if you want it. The first person to get me the money gets it. Here are some pictures. [UPDATE: the scanner is sold]

Kickstarter Surveys

If you missed it, I sent out all the Kickstarter surveys a few weeks ago and almost everyone has responded already. But there are about 50 people who still haven’t filled out the survey and sent it back to me yet. If you are one of the stragglers then please find your survey in your inbox and fill it out soon or you might not get your rewards. I can only send you a reward if I know where to send it.

That’s it for now. Oh wait, I actually started working on a new graphic novel… kinda. Let’s just say I’m doing some testing. I’m not sure if it will be my next official project but it’s shaping up to be pretty cool. I’m going to keep it on the down low for a while so I can’t say anything else right now.

See you next week!