I am soooooooo close to being finished with reMIND 2 now. My editor, Jeremy Barlow, has all the pages and will be sending his notes back to me in a few weeks. I only have a hand full of pages that still need some finishing touches added to them now.  My designer, Chris Kosek, has been working on getting all the extra pages together and designing the book and box set. We are still on schedule to deliver all the files to the printer at the end of October. :) The light at the end of the tunnel is getting bigger.

Also, last week I had a meeting with SCB Distributors and they  gave me contracts to distribute all my Coffee Table Comics books! This is a big deal because usually they only take on new publishers who have 4 or more books. I can’t remember the exact numbers but when I was talking to the owner they said they have thousands of publishers who ask them to be their distributor every year and they only take on about 10 to 12 each year. So, with that said, I feel pretty special. :) Also, I’m planning on going through Diamond Distribution this time as well and so hopefully with both these distributors in place I will be able to relieve many of my burdens of packing, shipping, invoicing, warehousing, and more.

I hope you enjoy this weeks pages. See you next week.