The place where Cyrene says, “But didn’t you just call me here?”, might be a little confusing. Plus I’m probably going to add bubbles to the foreground too. In other words, I hope you enjoy looking at nearly finished pages. ;)

Last week was a pretty big deal for me. What happened? Well, I completely finished drawing and inking the last few pages of reMIND. EVER!
 I had a small moment of joy thinking about how this story can finally be behind me after nearly 15 years of work in various forms whether it be storyboards, animation or this graphic novel. 15 years! I’m relieved to think that my next story can be finished in a fraction of that time.

In other words it took me 8 years to figure out that I need to make a comic, another 5 years to make the first Volume, then another 2 years to make Volume 2. My goal now is to make my next book in 1 year. Lets see what happens. But I guess I still need to finish this book. haha.

As you can see, the editing still needs to be done and I spend a whole day printing out all the pages and making notes to send to my editor. The cool thing is, this time I’m actually able to pay everyone close to their full rate to help me.

Well, I need to write a new Kickstarter post now. I’ve been putting that off for a long time.