Most of you probably know that I took off a few weeks from these updates in order to goto Comic-Con and then have my 10 year anniversary getaway. That all happened perfectly! :) I’d love to write up a long blog post about it all if I have time. Hopefully I can whip something up this week before I forget all the magical moments… like when Scott McCloud came up and introduced himself to me at Comic-Con! Yeah. It really happened.

I was also planning on posting pinups every day while I as away to keep things active… You might have noticed that I failed at that part. I still have tons of pinups to post and I’ll keep posting them throughout the week as I can get to it.

Another thing I was trying to time perfectly is my new big announcement!!! I thought it would all work out smoothly but it turns out I am waiting for one last approval before I can announce it. I’m pretty sure it will be tomorrow or the next day so please check back every morning to see. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one! See you soon.