Welcome to the end of Chapter 4!

One quick thing to note: Since I will be at Comic-Con next week AND it’s my 10 year wedding anniversary (unrelated to Comic-Con) shortly after that I will take these two extremely busy weeks off from posting reMIND and instead just post 2 or 3 pinups each day. Sorry for the slight pause. I also have some REALLY big things cooking that I’ll announce when I start posting Chapter 5  in a few weeks and they will take some preparation to do right. I promise I won’t make you wait a month for the story to continue this time. Two weeks!

Thanks again for all the pinup submissions! I’ll start posting pinups starting tomorrow!


I Did a Guest Comic!

This is the second time I have ever drawn a guest comic and I’m really happy with how this one turned out.

Mathieu Moyen, to my knowledge, is the first person to respond to any of my comic art online way back when I started posting stuff on a forum and we have been friends ever since. He announced he was taking a break from posting pages to work on getting his book ready for publication and asked for guest comics.

Then Christopher Wrann, another long time internet friend, who wrote a 11 page guest comic for reMIND when I was on break, decided to jumped in and wrote a guest story for Mathieu too. I couldn’t resist being part of this and so I joined forces. If you want to see a great webcomic and maybe even a guest page that I drew, and was written by Christopher Wrann, then head on over to 6-Commando!


Once again, I’ll be at Comic-Con!