I love this page.


Also, just so you know, I had some help coloring this spread. It was the spread that I used to try to hire a colorist to assist me in Volume 2. I never did end up fully committing to hiring anyone in the end but I did get some help from Shari Chankhamma who did the first pass of coloring on about 6 spreads. In this particular spread you can still see her handy work in the bottom right panel. I think I left it pretty much untouched.


If you missed my announcement last week, I am having a new pinup contests where the winner gets $150 and is published in reMIND volume 2. Check out the details here.


Oh yeah, and it sounds like reMIND will be on TV soon. Okay, it’s not at all like it sounds. In reality, a friend of mine edits a quiz show called “On the Spot” for the CW network and he emailed me because they were doing a short segment on animation and they needed some animation. I offered to let the show use some of my animation from reMIND and they agreed. So I sent them 10 seconds of Victuals fighting lizard men. I’m not sure if this will sell many extra books but I figure getting reMIND clips on television are a great way to get visibility. Who knows, maybe now someone will come up at a convention and say, “I know I’ve seen this someplace but I can’t put my finger on it. I guess I better buy everything you have! Do you take gold Bullion?”

I would reply, “Yes.”