[EDIT] If you looked at this page within the first 2 hours then you would have seen some experimenting. Since posting it, I spent some more time on the dialogue this morning and went ahead and added it in. I also noticed that I used the wrong colors for the word balloons as well. Hopefully now it’s all better. (Thanks, Charles, for commenting on the experimental version.

I made some good progress on the rough pencils for the final chapter of reMIND this week. Maybe it was because I was in-between projects at work. :) None the less, I am thrilled to be moving forward at a faster rate than normal. This weeks page is still in the works. I really wanted to have real dialogue in this spread but I didn’t have time to put much into it and I wanted to experiment with blurring the word balloons in the foreground to see what everyone thinks. When the book gets printed, I’ll probably change this a little or ad some words. Who knows just yet.

Remember on Volume 1 when I had a pin-up contest and the winner was published in the book? Well, I’m going to do the same thing again for Volume 2. I just need to make an official announcement sometime soon. If you want to make one then feel free to start planning now if you are excited about it. I’ll have a contest announcement here soon so check back later this week (I think).

Here are the submissions from Volume 1! Check them out they are amazing!