This is one of those pages that kinda makes me and my wife’s skin crawl whenever we look at it. I’m a bit worried that some parents will see this and ban their kids from any future installments. I’ve branded this comic as PG but this might be pushing it.

Perhaps I could tame it down a bit if needed but I’m a big believer that there is a real lack of threat or evil in kids shows these days. That sounds kinda funny but let me explain. I remember watching cartoons as a kid and being 100% invested in the main character because there really was a threat of evil around the corner that still creeps me to this day. Even more now that I am older. Now days, the big studios turn all these threats into a funny slap stick joke. I’m not singling any movie out because it’s almost ALL of them for kids now.

If we remove all the threats from a kid show then you also remove most of the emotional investment in wanting the hero to succeed. Sometimes there really is a BAD or EVIL villain out there who will stop at nothing to do whatever he feels he needs or wants to do. I think that’s one of the reasons Harry Potter is so powerful, because Voldemont is a REALLLLLLY evil villain. In a way, I think it helps prepare kids for the reality that the world is not a fairy tale. You can get hurt if you do foolish things. Life isn’t always fair. There are really evil people out there. You can be hurt if you wonder down the wrong street or hang out with the wrong person. You can’t hold a bomb when it explodes. This stuff is real and to remove it from our children’s fiction seems to me like it’s masking the truth and in turn doesn’t help them prepare for the reality of growing up.

Hmmm. Since when did I become all deep like this. I better get off my soap box.

So anyway, I like this set of pages because it makes my skin crawl. haha.


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Thanks again for all the love! Happy Monday!