This page is kinda an homage (in a way) to the book that heavily inspired this whole idea of brain transplantation when I was a kid. “The Master Mind of Mars” by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Or maybe the book was “The Synthetic Men of Mars”. I seem to get them mixed up a little after 15 years but they have been such an influence in so many of my story ideas to this day. Anyway, I drew the first panel of this page based on my memory of this book cover from long ago. I did a quick internet search just now to see how similar it actually was. Not bad. Obviously, it’s a completely different situation but it was fun to recreate it in my own little way.

By the way, if you are wondering, I loved the John Carter movie. It’s a shame that my favorite stories in that universe will probably never see the light of day on the big screen after the failure of its box office results. But in a way, it’s probably better for all of us who have been inspired by the books.

See you soon!


P.S. If you are reading this with your little ones then you might want to check out next weeks page before you let them load it up. I am worried that it’s going into the PG-13 area because of blood but I could be wrong. I never know how to judge the rating system these days. It would probably be a G rating if it was on TV with the kinda of trash that is accepted on prime time. ha!