I hope you had a great Easter!

The next few pages are moments I’ve been waiting to share for a LOOOOONG time. Some things get revealed and some desperately needed conversations finally start.

I’m still writing my long winded article about my time at ECCC so expect that to get posted later this week. Hopefully. :)

Also, I have officially told Amazon, my sales rep, and a few other distribution channels that reMIND Vol. 1 is out-of-stock now.  So what you see on Amazon right now is the last of the stock that they will be getting of the first printing. So order it now if you want a copy for the normal price because I’m sure they will inflate it like crazy once all their new copies are gone. According to Amazon, there are 22 copies still in stock (as of writing this). I’m pretty sure they will all be gone within a week or two.

Oh yeah, there are still a few copies of the defective or damaged books in my store if you want a cheap version to just read. Here is the link again:


On another note, since I decided to hold off the reprinting of Volume 1, I now have free time to actually work on Volume 2. Who would have known. Last week I started thumbnailing the final chapter and all I have to say is… it’s going to be crazy! hehe. I just hope I can pull it off the way I see it in my mind.  I’m even considering getting up a 5AM again to try to work on it before going to work instead of doing it after work when I’m already tired. This worked really well the last time I tried it.

Thanks again for all your support on this exciting ride. Please keep sharing it with your friends and family and I’ll do my best to keep moving forward on it all! You guys are all rock stars!

– Jason