I’ll keep my comments to a minimum from now on. I like to hear what you think without my opinion clouding your perspective as you read each page. So there you go. :)

This week will be a short work week for me because I’m leaving Wednesday night to drive to Washington for the Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC). I’m super excited about this show because it’s my first time there and it’s my first time exhibiting outside of California. Please come by to say hi! I’ll be there with some friends.

Anyone who read my last post will know that I’ve been struggling to keep up with the business side of all of this. Keeping records, invoicing, packing, shipping, distribution, taxes, and now shows have been taking up all my free time that I would normally be working on the book. This has been happening ever since I started posting new pages and it’s making me a little stressed. But it’s a great problem to have and one that I always dreamed of. So the question many people ask me now is if I am doing this as my full-time job? The answer is still no. Even though reMIND sales have been bringing in some money this year, 100% of it has been going back into the business. Someday I will give you a breakdown of everything because it’s fascinating when you realize how much everything adds up. I still work a full-time job to pay my bills but I always dream of being able to support myself through my comics. If you want to help, the best thing you can do is share reMIND with someone. This website or the book. The more I can build those 1000 TRUE FANS, the more chances I have at being able to do this full-time. Then I’ll be able to make a book in 6 months rather than 2 years to 5 years. haha.

I’m saying all of this because I’m still struggling with the decision to jump into a second printing even though all the business savvy in the world is telling me to keep the books easy to buy so I don’t miss sales. The thing is, I kinda want a break from the business side of this so I can focus on finishing the second Volume. So, even though the smartest decision would be to keep books easily available, I have to remind myself that I didn’t get where I was with reMIND by playing by the rules of the business world. It seems like every choice I made was focused on making the book as good as possible. Plus, letting reMIND go out of print for 6 months or a year is minuscule in comparison to the rest of my graphic novel career. Honestly, I think my ideal situation would be to do the second printing of Volume 1 when I print Volume 2. I can tell you one thing for sure, I’d get Volume 2 finished a whole lot faster. :)

So, with all that said, I’m still debating everything. Haha.

I officially don’t know why I wrote all of that. I guess it’s just therapeutic to type out my thoughts. See you next week!

– Jason