So, here is the deal. In continuing to make a comic that I am fully invested in, I need to always be experimenting with something to keep it exciting as I create it. Remember way back in the first chapter when Sonja first talked to Victuals and I was trying to lead your eye back and forth between two panels as they talked? Well, my grand idea here was to see if I could force a reader to move back and forth between two pages on a spread. I think it works in this webcomic form but the real test will be if it feels natural when you are reading the book.

I attempt to do this a few more times in this volume but this was the first try. I’m pretty happy with the result. The only downside of doing this is it limits the amount of frames you can use and forces you to keep it stupid simple. Hopefully you like it and think it works as well as I do.

Well, at this time I should be back from WonderCon. (I wrote this before WonderCon started) I’ll be sure to give you an update with all the Con highlights. See you soon!