“We all waited a year to see this? I’m outta here!” – random viewer

Well, there you have it, the first pages of Volume 2. It has officially begun!

There are a few cool things that have happened this week that I’m proud to announce. First of all reMIND won first place in the Los Angeles Book Festival in the Young Adult category. Just so you are not confused, this is not the New York Times Festival of Books fair. (which is ridiculously big) but none the less it is another award that I can proudly boast about.

Another cool thing is this:

Yes, that is a prototype plushie Victuals keychain! I am getting 25 of these made for my convention circuit this year. I think I’ll be selling them for… I don’t know yet but if you want one then come see me at a convention! If you can’t make it to a convention then hold tight because I will make them available another way soon! ;) I can’t give away the details just yet but… kickstarter(cough).

No, I am not launching a kickstarter for Volume 2 yet. That will be a good year from now but I do plan on launching a new kickstarter to try to get the funds for a second printing of Volume 1. I want to offer lots of other goodies as pledge incentives this time so make sure to check back here each Monday to see if I announced it yet. I’m still not sure when I will do it. First I need to do my taxes and then I want to finished some pages I’ve been working on, then I need to goto a few conventions and THEN I will start working on a new Kickstarter video. So my guess is probably sometime at the end of March if possible.

More defective or damaged copies of reMIND for sale for $10 each!

As I go through my books I usually set aside copies with slightly crooked cloth bindings or cuts and tears. Sometimes they just have glue on the cloth and sometimes they are just plain messed up! There are a few that are missing the white piece of paper that attaches the binding to the book pages but it still can be read like any other copy of reMIND and unless you are looking for what is missing, you won’t notice. Anyway, I am selling off these damaged or defective copies again in my store so head on over if you want to pick up a cheap copy of reMIND for $10 plus $3 for shipping and handling.

Last time I announced this on Twitter I sold out of 7 copies in less than an hour. This time I have 15! Oh yeah, I’ll sign them too!

Here is a link to it in my store. (defects only) [EDIT – Defects are sold out again]


If you want to get a perfect copy then you will have to order it on Amazon. Sorry.

Lastly, please help me spread the word that reMIND is updating again! The only way this can continue to be a success is if awesome people like you spread it around the interwebs! Until next Monday, I’m out!