It’s the end of the road for reMIND but I still have plenty of stuff to share so I hope you keep coming back every week for more. I’ll start posting pages from the upcoming PROGRESSIONS: The Making of reMIND starting soon I hope. It has turned into a monster of a book and I have no idea how I’m going to pay for printing it just yet. This is the book that I promised my Kickstarter backers who paid a little extra and so I am extremely eager to get it finished, printed and shipped. :) The only problem (and it’s a major one) is I don’t have the money to pay for it at this point because my extra money is going towards a 3rd printing of reMIND Volume 1. My current strategy for funding it (at this point) is to release my long awaited How-To book called UNNATURAL TALENT by the end of this year. [NOW AVAILABLE AT AMAZON] I have been toying with doing a massive Kickstarter for both new books but since I’m still trying to fulfill everything from my last Kickstarter and I’d hate to pile up even more obligations. If your interested in UNNATURAL TALENT, then jump on my mailing list and I’ll notify you about ordering a digital copy before anyone else (hopefully next month) before I offer it for sale on Amazon. If I can generate enough direct digital sales then I’ll be able to pay for PROGRESSIONS no sweat. :)



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