Congratulations! You have made it through all the silhouette pages! You are a true trooper. A champion! For your dedication I will give you a free digital copy of reMIND Volume 1 on ComiXology! Well, honestly, it’s been free to download for the month of January but I just wanted to remind you before your chances are up. I believe this will be the last week to download it for free before it goes back to it’s $9.99 price tag. Also, don’t be shy, please spread this link around anywhere you can because this is a HUGE way for me to grow my audience who has never heard of reMIND. Here is the direct link to the FREE reMIND on ComiXology:


I am told by my printer that my books should be arriving this week. I cleaned out my garage again to prepare for the pallets of books. I killed the spiders and swept out all the dusty corners. I moved boxes of shirts, packing supplies and tools. I built some new shelves to hold other random stuff and I kinda think I’m ready now. One would think I would be living large with a big successful Kickstarter and a second graphic novel complete and about to get here, but honestly, this has been one of the most challenging months of my life for some reason. I am finally seeing how a project of this scope, for this many years, has taken it’s toll on me and my family. I thought I would just roll into a new graphic novel without a hiccup but I’m starting to see that I need to take a little bit longer to recuperate before jumping into a new journey. Even if I take all of 2013 off, I still have a completely full year of conventions, shipping Kickstarter rewards, making the “Making Of” book and publishing it, finishing my “How to” book and several other commitments. Not to mention the official release date of reMIND Volume 2 is in April and I will need to focus on publicity for the rest of the year too.

So when I think about all that this new year brings, I am content to just have the new goal to just finish everything I’ve started and complete all my obligations before I start on anything new. Life is good. Have a wonderful Monday!