<Sniff Sniff>

I just dropped my son off at school for his first day of Kindergarten this morning. Life is really flying by fast now it seems. I can’t believe this comic is almost completely online too. Wow!

The good news is major progress is being made on Progressions: The Making Of reMIND and Unnatural Talent (my How-to book). I’ve been thinking about how I should release these books and I’m starting to formulate a plan with a possible Kickstarter launch soon. Both books look like they will compliment each other very well and so it only seems natural to release them at the same time. This time around if I do a Kickstarter I think I’m going to keep it limited so that I can handle it easier. This time I won’t promise anything that isn’t already finished too.

Anyway, enjoy the week and I’ll see you next Monday.