Here is this weeks spread! Right on time finally! :)

Well, I’ve been slowly making some changes to my websites to reflect where I am headed in the near future so I might as well let you in on what direction I’m going. I’ve decided to pull the plug on my Making Comics related stuff. It has been a wonderful journey to help teach what I have been learning and seeing so many artists and storytellers grow since I began posting stuff in 2009. But now that reMIND is almost 6 months behind me I’m starting to see that I’m just no longer in the same place I was when I was actually making the comic. I tried to jumpstart myself by focusing on videos for my Youtube channel but at the end of the day I realized that I just don’t have the desire to be a How-to-Make-Comics guy anymore. What’s worse is I have a nearly finished How-to book but I just can’t push myself to finish it anymore. There is simply too much work to do on it that I just don’t have the heart for at this time. If there are any ghostwriters out there who want to take my second draft which is about 200+ pages long and help me finish it then that might be a solution but I don’t see myself putting in anymore work on it at this time. It’s a little frustrating to have it so close but one thing I know is if I can’t put my whole heart into something I’m working on then it would be better if I didn’t do it at all. So, once again, if there are any ghostwriters out there who want to make this work then I can send you everything I have and we can work out the details.

If anyone remembers the MakingGraphicNovels forum that I had then you might notice that it is now gone. ;( It was a blast when it was active and there were so many of you that really made it special too and so I thank you all for your participation a few years back. Unfortunately, keeping a forum online requires a constant eye to make sure there is no massive spamming and whatnot. So over the weekend, we turned it all off. ;( I also deleted my DeviantArt account, Tumblr account and a few other dumb accounts that I never use anymore.

Hope this news doesn’t make anyone too sad. I like to shake things up every few years just to keep me excited about what I’m doing. Enjoy the spread and I’ll see you next week!