I’ve been doing a LOT of soul searching now that reMIND is finished. In fact, after 15 years of working on the same story it’s hard to pinpoint who I was before reMIND was around taking up all my free time. I’m very proud of this book and how it has grown to the success that it has become but I’m starting to see that my life is beginning to move in new directions now. Honestly, I’m starting to toy with the idea of licensing reMIND to a publisher from now on instead of self-publishing.

To make it clear why I’m thinking this way, my distributor is already down to the last 300 copies of Volume 1 again and I need to either reprint or let it go out of stock again. I don’t really have to energy or passion to shell out another $$25000 to reprint both volumes and I definitely don’t have the money. I don’t want to do another Kickstarter to raise money to reprint and so my options are starting to narrow. Anyway, just unloading my brain here. I’ll let you know how things progress and which direction I plan to go but I will make sure the full story of reMIND eventually gets uploaded online so keep coming back. :)

I’m selling my art/comic library!

I’m selling lots of trades, graphic novels, art books and business/how-to books if anyone is interested. I can’t list them all here because it would take forever but if anyone is ¬†interested in buying for quarter the cover price (or less) my book collection then please shoot me an email. Anything that is left over in a few weeks will go to a used bookstore. Yep, I’ve been soul searching and it’s time to hit that imaginary reset button again. Life’s good.


On another note, my good friend Doug TenNapel has an amazing looking game on Kickstarter that is getting close to finishing. Well, they are making a claymation game that really needs your help to get funded. Nintendo just contacted them because they wanted to put the game on the new Nintendo console but the thing is they still need to raise a few hundred thousand in the next 2 days so tell everyone and throw in some money if you like it. Thanks again for checking it out. I really want to play this game.

Here is more info on it. Head over to Kickstarter to pledge on it if you can.

See you next week!