Wow! I totally forgot to post the pages for this week on Monday. :(

Last week I started hiring help to pack and ship books and it’s been a huge success. Almost every morning I have a bunch of boxes to drop off at the post office. Better yet, my schedule has finally been freed up a little and so I can spend even more time focused on getting books out.

Next month (April) is the official release date of reMIND 2 in stores and on Amazon and so my distributor has been getting lots of orders this month for both volumes. Last time I checked, we passed 500 orders for the month! That’s huge for me. It makes me VERY thankful to have a distributor in place this time because I can only pack and ship out about 100 books a week on my own. Even with employees, it would be hard because there is just not enough space in my garage to do very much without things stacking on top of each other.

Anyway, enough of my mumbling. I hope you enjoy the pages… finally. :)


Box set preorder until April 1st! (Sale is over)


Just a quick heads up that I’m selling Box Sets of reMIND in my online store for a few more days only. They are in the collectors slipcase that can only be purchased directly from me. I do not plan on offering them online very often so please order one now if you really want one. Even my distributor doesn’t have any slipcases so they are truly extra special. At least that’s what my mom says. (Just joking Mom)

[edit: The sale is finished. Thanks for your orders! They will be shipped within the next few weeks]

See you next week!