Does anyone need a job for the next month?

It’s amazing how fast time is flying past. So fast indeed that April is almost here and as many of you know, April is the deadline I gave myself to ship out the books for Kickstarter. The truth is, I don’t think it will be possible to meet that deadline at the rate I’m going because of my full time job getting in the way. Haha! At night when I find an hour or two, I can only do a hand full of orders and only scratch the surface.

The two packing parties that I had were critical in getting the first batches of books out and in turn were very successful and I plan to continue having more soon. In fact, April 6th to be exact. :) Comment if you can make it! The problem is, I can only have a packing party about once a month and at the rate we are going, it will take another 4 packing parties to finish everything. :(

So with much frustration about how slow I am going, I have realized I need to hire a couple amazing people to help me pack and ship orders during the week days. So if you are looking for work between now and the end of April (or whenever we get this finished) then shoot me an email or comment below and I’ll email you.

I need people who can pack and ship custom orders, help with email correspondence, keeping records organized, someone who can make decisions, and help address anything else that might need some love.

What’s the pay you ask? Probably minimum wage because I am tapping into the last of my Kickstarter funds as we speak.

Where is it? I live in North Hollywood, CA which is where all the work will be done. Sorry there are no real jobs that can be done long distance.

So, anyone interested? Let me know because you could start tomorrow. :)