Diamond has just listed reMIND Volume 1 and 2 in the Previews catalogue this month!


(Thanks you @OmarHarrison for Tweeting this picture!)

You can find it on page 292.

This means that comic stores have no excuse but to buy every book left in the warehouse. ;) The only problem is that nobody knows that it’s listed until someone makes them aware of it. In other words, if you frequent a local comic store then please point out reMIND to the owner or the person who places the orders for the store. Better yet, if you haven’t bought a copy of reMIND yet, then this is a perfect time to place your order with your comic shop and it will make them aware that the book should at least be given a chance.


In other news, I had another packing party on Saturday and it was AMAZING again! We packed another 207 packages bringing our total to 477! I am continuously surprised at how amazing my Kickstarter backer really are. Thank you again! I can’t wait to go have drinks with you guys when this is all over.


(Top row) Eddie, Casey, Bob (Bottom row) Becky, Bella, and John! You guys have really given me hope that this can be accomplished! Thank you sooooo much!

You might recognize Eddie Pittman in the upper left who has an amazing comic of his own called  Red’s Planet. Check it out if you haven’t yet.