Yay! Sonja if officially back in the story. I know many of you have asked if she would make an appearance again and I can finally say yes without spoiling anything. :)

In other news, I drove up to San Francisco yesterday to deliver about 200 books to a friend who is driving them to my brothers house who is then driving them to Emerald Coty Comicon for next weekend. I saved about $400 on shipping by doing that but it was a long day yesterday on the road all day. I figured I’d take advantage of being in San Fran for the day and so I set up a brunch for my Kickstarter backers who were in the city and it was a great turnout. I thought about 3 people might show up but instead we had seven!


I am continually amazed at how cool my fans and backers are. Everyone really shines in their own special way and I can really feel the love. I think I’m going to try to set something up like this for Seattle next weekend. It will probably have to be on Friday before the convention starts so that it’s not too tight.


ECCC Update!

IMPORTANT: For those of you who are attending ECCC next weekend, my ECCC booth was changed from 2509 to Booth 2505! If you can’t find me then just look up Coffee Table Comics in the program book. It looks like the show is about double the size it was last year so expect and amazing show.