Here is, what was until recently, the final cover for reMIND.  I really wanted to make Sonja(the girl) showcased on the cover and Victuals(the cat) secondary even though the cat is the main character of the book.  The reason is mainly because I thought having a cool chick on the cover of my graphic novel would sell more copies then a precious little kitty picture.  I guess to the audience I was trying to hit anyway.
After all I’m going to print this thing hardbound and it needs to sell a few more copies then the guaranteed three to my family.  So everyone seemed to like this cover, and there were some who thought that I intentionally placed a cat at the crotch of Sonja to be a sexual innuendo. Well, I’m sorry to deflate your perverse perspective but that was not my thought process here.  The linear positioning of the cat, girl, and lighthouse just looks really nice to me and I’d buy this book (I think) if I saw it somewhere, assuming the insides were nice as well.
I held fast to my non-perverted cover for quite a while but then I decided to email Kazu.  Yes, I’m talking about the Kazu from the Flight anthology.  I was curious what his opinion was about my book and if he had any suggestions.  He kindly mentioned that it might go over well with a comic publisher like Image or Dark Horse but he didn’t think the cover looked like a children’s book in which a book publisher like Random House or Scholastic would be interested.
You see, ever since Jeff Smith started publishing Bone through Random House I’ve been hooked on this idea that I want to get published by a book publisher, not a comic publisher.  It seems to me like Image doesn’t care one way or another if you sell your books or not. There’s no real effort on their part to push any sales from what I can see.  Forgive me if you love Image.  That’s just my paradigm of the company and I could be totally wrong.
So, recently after talking to a few other people about all this, I’ve decided to draw a new cover that mainly focuses on the cat in his super suit.(that’s not really what it’s called)  My new cover should focus more on showing off the idea that it’s a story about a cat and not a hot chick with a cat.