Hey all. This is my new attempt at making reMINDblog better. From now on I’ll try to add a bit of dialogue about each page creatively in this area so here we go.

Similar to last weeks pages, these went through their own set of revisions over the last year. First I was going to have Victuals run to the King’s secret room and notice the doors were open so he couldn’t help but look inside. Like I said last week, this never worked right with the story and I eventually added the giant crab to escort him and force him to enter. So basically the left page was completely redrawn about a month ago. I have to admit it’s very simple now but I really like it compared to the old version. If anyone is curious to see what it looked like I’m sure I can dig up an old version and post it here.

Once again, I made the crab SUPER RED, and showed my wife and she said, “Why is the crab SUPER RED?” Believe it or not, this red crab is only a remnant of the redness it once wielded. Now, when I look at the old, SUPER RED, version my eyes start burning from the RGB gamma overexposure. I can hardly believe I thought SUPER RED looked good at one point. It amazes me what we think looks good when we’ve been staring at something too long. For this reason I love to work on a page and then open it up again a few weeks later to see if I was crazy.

Anyway, hopefully you think I sane after you see this.