Hi guys!

What a wonderful first 3 days of the SITHRAH 2 campaign! We are already at $31,000! Only $3,733 away from fully funding the printing of reMIND 1 softcover! When we hit that goal you can add reMIND to your pledge for only $10! :)

Also I wanted to introduce some new little stretch goals that will add FREE things to everyones tier. Check out the chart below:


As you can see I’ve added little blue stretch goals at $55k, $58k, $61k, $64k and $67k. The first 4 are for a series of postcards of each of the main characters in SITHRAH. I did something like this in the reMIND 2 campaign and I loved how the cards turned out so much that I wanted to do it again here. Here’s what the reMIND postcards looked like:


Also, I switched around some limited tiers just now. I added 2 more slots to the $600 tier for those who want everything including the reMIND boxset. You will also be drawn into SITHRAH 2 in that tier as well. I also added 25 more slots to get your name in the acknowledgements since that has been such a popular tier as well.

I wish I had more options that are not sold out for you. I just don’t want to over-promise anything. :)

I’ll show some behind the scenes art and stuff in the next update so keep coming back each day to see what’s new.

As always, your word of mouth goes a LONG LONG way. Please keep sharing this with everyone you can. You can write your friends a letter. Or call them on a pay phone. Even a fax will do. My personal favorite is to join an AOL chatroom to spread the word.

Thanks again for an amazing first 3 days! See you soon,


See the campaign here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/brubaker/sithrah-book-2