I am super excited to finally be able to share this with you guys! The first Victuals toy is finished and ready to order!!! My new friends over at Blokko.com really went above and beyond with this and I couldn’t be more proud of the result. Here are some sweet pictures to show you what it looks like and how you can order your very own at a discount!

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And here is a direct link where you can order your very own Victuals: https://www.blokko.com/user/toy/P8T4mXm9u6sQ66Gke/vhrniQDe524zi5aoK

How to get a 10% discount!

Since they are a new service they are trying to spread the word so they can keep making more of these for other creators. They have set up their website so that when you tweet about the product you get 5% off and when you share it on Facebook you will get another 5% off. So head over to Blokko.com and share this with your friends and pick one up too if you like it. I hope you guys like how this turned out and I thank you so much for helping me figure out the color for him a while back too.

Again, if you like this sort of thing then please help spread the word so that this little startup company can get noticed by the masses.

See you soon!