Hey guys!

I am in need of your opinion. I was approached by a cool startup company called Blokko.com where creators can post their characters and designers and 3d modelers can make cool models of the characters. Then better yet, they can make them available for people to download the 3D printable files or have super high quality toys made from the models. It’s a really great idea in my opinion and I really want it to take off and so artists and modelers can play off each others talents to make some amazing new toys.

So a while ago the guys at Blokko asked if they could make a reMIND toy of Victuals and I said yes. They brought on Diego Gonzalez, a great 3d modeler, to build a 3d file of Victuals in his robo suit and this is what he came up with. AMAZING!



But then we needed to figure out the color and I said, “I’m busy trying to move to Idaho!” and so they said, “Okay, we will try some things out.” The thing about this model is that they want to make it in sandstone and they end up looking something like this: (from shapeways.com)

Sandstone ref


Now, I’ve never seen, in person, or made a sandstone model before and so naturally I am clueless as to the process and limitations. But apparently you can build the colors right into the model so that it doesn’t need to be painted. So I gave the folks at Blokko my color swatch guide that looked like this:



And then they came up with a few versions of the color that look like this:



So my question to you is this…

Which colored version do you like best? What represents the color of the suit in your mind?

The reason I ask is because even though the suit and cat are white, they are usually toned a greenish color in the scenes of the book. We are trying to figure out if we should stay true to the local color (the actual color) or if we should make it more of a tone that is in the books pages. I kinda like the happy medium of V3 and I also like the stark whiteness of V1. But the guys at Blokko are leaning towards the greens of V2.

What you say?

By the way, whatever we decide will be almost immediately for order at Blokko.com as a sandstone model. The price we are looking at is about $46 and it stands at 10 cm high. We are also toying with making a larger more detailed model that will be a collectors item but that all depends on how people resound to this.

So again, what you say?

We’d love your feedback. :)