I’m happy to say that we are at the tail end of shipping out all the Kickstarter orders now. By my rough estimate, we have about 200 orders left and most of those are higher tiers or custom orders. I never in my wildest dreams thought it would be this much work and at times it was paralyzing to walk in my garage and see 3000 books on shelves and no idea how I could get them all out by the end of April. If it wasn’t for friends suggesting shipping parties and hiring helpers then I would be lost in a downward spiral of panic and cold sweats. But even more so, everyone who has come forward to lend me helpful hands and their time, I am truly indebted to and grateful for. I wouldn’t be even close without everyone who helped at the shipping parties. And I want to especially thank Edmond, who has been coming almost every week night to help me pack special orders.

To give you a little window into the process, a friend of mine, who happens to have a Youtube channel, came over to film this last Saturday while we were having a packing party and he caught it all on camera. Soon he will edit a sweet little interview / 5 minute documentary on this project in which I’ll post a link here in a few weeks once it’s online.

But in the meantime, he sent me a bunch of pictures he took while there.











In total I drew about 700 sketches of Victuals that day. I’ve never broken a sweat while drawing before. :)

Even though we mostly look serious in these photos, I assure you, the mood was light and happy and everyone got along great. I think I have some of the best support in the world! :) We packed and shipped about 330 orders this Saturday! That’s amazing if you ask me. It took 3 cars to get it all to the Post Office on Monday.


Thank you to everyone that showed up to help on Saturday: John, Becky, Snowden, Casey, David, Imron, Philip, and Jules (who happens to have a few webcomics of her own here and here.) Serious guys, when all these books are out, we are all going to go have drinks. :)

Almost every night I’ve been printing out postage and helping Edmond pack a few orders. And then in the morning of almost each weekday, I load up my trunk and back seat with boxes and take them to the post office. This was today:


 Here it all is filling a post office cart. By now I am friends with all the postal workers and they just let me drive up to the back of the post office and load up a cart myself and push it inside (before the post office even opens to the public). I feel special. :)


 Just so you know, this is about $2000 worth of international postage. It’s crazy!

Now, if you ordered prints or original art then your books will probably come first and then your prints will come at a later date once I get all the books out. Also, I’m finally starting to think about that 100k stretch goal of the Making Of book. I’ll probably be able to start assembling the artwork in May and I’ll probably end up making it slightly lighter than reMIND to help lower the crazy shipping costs (which have all increased since my campaign ended.) Anyway, I’m committed to getting all the rewards out in a reasonable time and from the looks of it, we are close.

Thanks again for all your patience.

Oh yeah, if you haven’t sent me your survey answers from a long time ago or if you are international and haven’t paid for international shipping then I will not be sending your order. I have no way of knowing where to send your books without your completed survey. And international shipping is VERY expensive.

That’s it for now! See you soon!