Thank you John, Becky, Jessica, Casey and Imron! You guys are cool people!

The first packing party went off with a bang! It’s hard for me to express how grateful to you guys who were able to show up and spend your Saturday with me to help. You guys were all so pleasant to work with and it was a great atmosphere! I hope my stress levels didn’t affect anyone too much.

In total we packed 469 books and 270 packages!

That is huge! It would have taken me about 10 Saturdays to accomplish that by myself. haha. Now I realize just how big of a job this whole thing is and it looks like it’s going to take another 3 or 4 packing parties to get everything finished. I am scheduling another packing party on the 9th of March and so if anyone else wants to join in then please send me an email and I’ll add you to my list. Here are a few pictures when we first started and then a few more of all the books that were packed.

packing2 packing1 boxed2 boxed1

For those of you wondering, were able to pack most of the $50 tier rewards and half of the $25 tier rewards. (US only) So within a week some of you just might have a surprise at your doorstep. Thanks again for checking in and we will see you soon!

PS. I’ll be posting the next spread tomorrow (Tuesday) instead of today. Sorry for being late.

See you soon!