Today I received a package from my printer. Inside were some goodies. Here is what I found.

This is the cover proof with cloth binding. It looks beautiful too! I am always worried about how the image will line up with the cloth and logo and stuff but once again, Chris Kosek did a great job making sure all the files worked together and the end result is amazing.

Above, it  is folded like a book. There is a slight morie pattern on the cloth in this picture so just ignore that. Below are the fake Volumes inside the new slipcase! I need to make a note for the printer to make sure the size of the new printings exactly match the first printing. You can see here that the new printing (Volume 2) is slightly taller than the first printing of Volume 1.

Below is the slipcase that Christopher Kosek designed. It’s nice and subtle and super cool looking. I really compliments the books well. It’s hard to see in the pictures but the log is just a spot gloss. It’s not printed on the art but you can easily see it because it’s the only shiny part of the slipcase.

Here is the other side.

It looks sooooooo good I almost peed my pants.

If you like this slipcase but didn’t pledge on my Kickstarter, but you really want one, then you should join my mailing list becasue I will only sell them on my website for a super limited time early next year. I’ll also be selling them at a few conventions while they last. I ended up printing 1000 slipcases but about 800 are already pre-sold. You can join my mailing list to be notified when I announce a pre-order here:

That’s it for now. See you soon!