I came home from work today and I had a nice shiny package waiting for me from my printer! Book dummies! Yay!

So what is a Dummy? It depends on who you are talking about. Kidding. A dummy is a blank book that has the correct paper, trim, and binding. It’s exactly what your book should look like but without anything printed on or in it. I also got a dummy slipcase which looks great too.

Volume 2 is slightly thicker than Volume 1. Above is a close up of the binding.

For those of you who are wondering, Volume 1 is EXACTLY the same size as the first printing. I tested it out by slipping a first printing of Volume 1 into the slipcase along side the dummy for Volume 2 and it looks seamless together. I gotta say, this thing actually feels like a collectors item now. I think everyone who ordered the box set will be very pleased.

Here’s one last picture of the back of the slipcase.

Oh yeah, and look at one more thing:

Everything is pretty much finished now. I’m just in proofread mode. A bunch of my friends and family are reading it all as we speak, giving me notes or pointing out any mistakes they can find. Soooo close!

See you soon,