Here is the new progress chart!

Actually the lettering still has a few pages but I got excited about blocked it out because I’m letting my editor take a stab at some of the missing dialogue. Even so, it’s an amazing feeling to be finished with all the artwork for this book now. No, serious. In fact it’s kinda hard to explain really. Let me try.

With the brunt of reMIND finished I’ve been spending my free time these last few days cleaning the massive piles of paper and random stuff that have been collecting on every surface in my studio for the last 2 years. I never felt like I had time to do anything but work on the book since I made a tight deadline for myself. After the first printing ran out of stock I just kinda went into obsessive mode to get things finished. My wife would want me to clean up piles of junk around my desk but I would instantly get overwhelmed because I knew it would take 2 weeks to organize and clean and I wouldn’t be making progress on the book. But now that I have time I find myself in a curious situation.

I just started digging through piles of artwork. Bills. Scraps of papers and letters. Things that need to be tossed. Things that were thrown aside in a rush and then buried. I’m finding memories from the last 5 years of working on reMIND in it’s various forms and it’s starting to feel kinda strange. The closest thing I can compare it to is digging through someone’s house after they passed away. It’s sounds kinda morbid but it’s not really. Don’t misunderstand, I don’t consider reMIND dead in any way, in fact now is when its life will truly begin. But the time that it was being created has passed on and now it will always just be a memory of the journey. Finding old art is like finding old photographs. And now it’s time to start packing those memories away and organizing it as best as I can so I can finally move on. It’s kinda sad but it’s also a relief.

I really am excited to see reMIND venture out into the world on its own as a complete story finally. I’m even more excited to start working on some new projects. I  clearly remember the time that I decided not to touch any other personal projects until I finished reMIND to ensure that I actually finished it.

Okay, enough of my long, strange, state-of-mind ramblings. Plus I need to start packing for New York Comic-Con! If you see me wondering around I’ll probably have a complete copy of reMIND 2 on hand. ;)