As I write this, the reMIND Kickstarter has 7 hours left before it closes. 7 HOURS! Also we are about $1500 away from hitting $100,000 and unlocking the Hardcover “Making Of reMIND” book!

LOOK AT THE CHART NOW! SOOOO CLOSE! (it’s already out of date)

Progressions: The Making of reMIND

We are so close to that 100k goal that I am going to open up the option RIGHT NOW to add $25 to any reward tier (under $75) to have the Making Of book added to your reward. If you have selected a $75 tier or higher then you will automatically be getting a “Making Of” book when we cross 100k. Unfortunately when I came up with this 100k goal idea, I didn’t factor in the extra shipping costs because I realize now that I will be sending the “Making Of” books at a later date. So what I hate asking, but feel I must, is if you are an international backer who will be getting a “Making Of” book, would you be able to add an additional $10 to your shipping? ( I can feel the frustration welling up inside of everyone as I type) If you are in the US, It would be helpful if you could add at least $5 extra for shipping for the Making Of book. If you simply hate the idea of adding money for an extra book then I will not force you though. :)

There is also the option to forfeit the Making Of book if you really don’t want it. This will save me lots of production and shipping costs for your copy if you are not interested. Then I can sell it at a convention or something. So for those of you who simply want what you pledged for and nothing else, then please just tell me in the survey that I send out in a few months.

Just so you can see what I am thinking for this book, here are some spreads I assembled a few years ago when I first started thinking about doing something like this. I’ll add a little more text and show as many stages of the progress from initial ideas to animation to layouts to coloring tutorials (I think). Check it out:

30 more Box Sets Available!

Last night I added 20 more $75 Box Set slots and they were all eaten up in a few hours so this morning I added another 30 slots. It looks like they are going fast again so grab one quick if you want one.

T-Shirt Designs

I have been getting a few questions about the T-shirt designs so I might as well give you more info before this thing closes. I have 2 shirts. The gray one with the cover of Volume 1 on the front was printed about 2 years ago and it is the shirt that I usually take around to conventions to sell. Here is a close up of the front and back.

The new design that I am making for this Kickstarter campaign is this blue shirt below with Victuals in his robot suit. So far this shirt has not been printed because I am just waiting to tally up all the sizes for this campaign and then I’ll place my order.

Once again, if you want to add any of these shirts to your pledge then first refer to the chart on the home page to see if you are eligible. If you are interested in the hoodie then here is a picture of that. There is nothing printed on the back.

The Hoodie is kinda an inside joke for the die hard reMIND fans. There is a scene in the book where a bubble watcher is wearing this hoodie and several of my readers asked if I would make it. Once again, check the chart to see if you can add one of these if you want one.


Well, I hate to say it but this will probably be my last update before this campaign closes. You have all been a wonderful group and the comments section of this campaign is off the charts! I love it! I have a lot of you to thank for your help in keeping the momentum alive for this campaign too. I’ll get to that in my next post after everything is done. :)

Keep in mind that even though this campaign is closing today, I’ll still be giving you updates as I make progress on everything. The updates will probably drop to once a week and then once a month but I’ll try to keep you informed as best I can.

Thanks again for all your support in this crazy dream! Now lets hit that $100,000 ULTIMATE goal and close this thing down in style!

Love you all!


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