We have 32 hours left on the reMIND V2 Kickstarter as I write this. We are at around $93k! I can just hardly believe how much support and enthusiasm there is for this. Just one year ago I recorded a podcast saying that I didn’t think a solo-no-name-artist/writer could raise 100k for a comic on Kickstarter but here we are just a few thousand away.

As I write this, reMIND is officially in the top 10 most funded Kickstarter projects for comics. And when I look at the comics in the top 10 I notice that it’s the third most funded original graphic novel of all time right behind Sullivan’s Sluggers’ ($97k) and Fairy Quest ($95k). Everything else is either an anthology, art book, marketing campaign, or paying for something that isn’t a comic at all (like to replace the advertising on Penny Arcade). So, I’m going to put a new goal at $97,627 which would make reMIND the MOST funded original graphic novel on Kickstarter. :)

Can I get a Making Of book?

The biggest question I get at this point is about how to get the Making Of book if you weren’t able to get a $75 or higher pledge. It has been a hard question to answer because until we hit 100k I didn’t want to make any offers. But I think I have a solution.

IF we hit 100k before this campaign closes… anyone under a $75 tier level can add $25 to their pledge to get a “Making Of” book.  But just remember, the “Making Of” book is still miles from completion and it will not be sent with everything else in your package. IF we hit 100k and you miss your chance to add $25 to your pledge then I will offer you another chance to add it to your order through Paypal after the fact. So don’t worry, IF we get to 100k then you will have plenty of chances to lock in a Making Of book if you want one. How does that sound? The only down side is if you are international and you have added money for the Making Of book then you will have to add shipping again. Sorry.

There is no real release date set for this Making Of book, only that I was planning on working on it after I finished the story of reMIND.

Can I get extra copies of reMIND with my Pledge?

The second most asked question I get now is if you can add $25 to your pledge and get an additional copy of reMIND Volume 1 or 2. The answer is yes. Just remember to increase your postage if needed to ship more than one book. And remember that it will be your responsibility to tell me what the extra money is for when I send out the survey to collect your information. But seriously, you can add as many books as you want. I would love it! :)

And the Winner has Been Chosen…

I had an art contest for reMIND Volume 2 last month and I received 44 amazing submissions. I opened up voting on my site last week to narrow it down to the top 3. Then it was my job to decide which of the top 3 would be included in the book and win $150. It was a hard decision but I think I have finally made up my mind. The winner is…

Christopher Clements! 

I was happy to see this one got a ton of votes because every time I looked at it I would smile as I scanned all the details of the image. I get a kick out of seeing what each character is thinking about. Plus, it’s one of my wife’s favorites too. :) So, congratulations Christopher! Your pinup will be printed in reMIND Volume 2 and you win $150!

Second place goes to Don Garvey & Mike Connelly who did an amazing looking piece as well which had more votes than anyone by a landslide!

Third place goes to Bradley Smith who also had a ton of votes with his great looking piece.

Thanks again to all the artists who submitted.


32 hours and counting…