The number of days on the reMIND Kickstarter has switched to hours! This means we are officially in the home stretch. So, instead of announcing something new that will only complicate everything, I think I need to address some common existing questions. But first, the progress chart:

Mailing List:

Many have asked what I plan on doing after reMIND and how to find out about it. The best way is to join my mailing list. I only send to this list when I have something new coming out or if I launch something like this Kickstarter or a pre-order. If you do join my list, please put into your email program as a trusted source so my emails don’t accidentally go into your spam folder. Click this link to join it.

Fill out your name, email and submit it and you will be notified when I start something new! :)

Shipping reMINDer (international only):

Now that we are almost finished with this campaign I want to remind you that if you are outside of the USA then you will need to add the appropriate shipping to your pledge. This does not automatically happen when the campaign closes. You need to do this manually. But don’t worry it’s easy, just login to Kickstarter. Right under where it says how many hours are left to go you should see a big blue button that says, “Manage Your Pledge”. Click that button and then where it says, “Pledge amount”, you will need to add the appropriate shipping(if you are outside of the U.S.A.). If you don’t do this then I will not be able to send you your book(s) until I get additional funds to help cover some of the shipping. If the campaign closes and I still need shipping money from you then I’ll send you an email with my paypal info to pay what is needed. Here’s the shipping chart again:

I know that you are savvy though, after all, you ARE using Kickstarter so I’m pretty sure you have this all under control but I figured I’d just make sure.

Oh yeah, one more thing, if you selected one of the tiers that has one book & a slipcase, then you will need to pay for the higher shipping charge because the slipcase will be the size of 2 books and I will have to use a bigger box and more packing. Sorry.

Keep Track of What you Added!

I know many of you have added lots of stuff to your pledge like books, prints and shirts. If you have then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember to write it down somewhere safe because it will be YOUR JOB to tell me what you donated the extra money for when I send out my survey to collect your information. This survey will not be sent out until after the campaign closes, and in some cases, it won’t be send out until early next year. So once again, it would be a good idea to make a note of this somewhere so you remember what you gave me money for. (if you added money for something specific)

Messaging me will not remind we what your money is for because it will just get lost in the messaging system here. The survey will be the only way to make sure you get the extras you paid for otherwise I will just assume you gave me extra money just to be super nice. :) I hope that is clear enough.

The Making Of reMIND book

I know that many of you were pushing hard to get that hardcover unlocked and I am grateful for your help. Even if we don’t reach that 100k goal, I want you to know that I am still planning on making the hardcover book at some point. Everyone who backed this project will be the first to know and I’ll be more than happy to give you a big fat discount if you want it.

On top of that, I have a “How-to” book that I have been writing over the last 3 years. It’s around 200 pages long and it will probably be the next thing I launch a Kickstarter for. I have been asked countless times if I would write a book about making and self-publishing comics and as soon as I finish reMIND, I will put in a few months to finish it next. Once again, join my mailing list if this is something you’re interested in. Mailing List.

Thanks again for making this crazy dream so much more crazy! Crazy is a good way.

See you tomorrow!