I’ve been putting off releasing reMIND as a digital download for a long time mainly because I don’t have an iPad and so I have never had the desire to see it on one. reMIND has always been a book for print first and foremost. That’s not to say I am against a digital version though. So one day John Roberts, the Co-Founder of ComiXology, approached me about my future plans for reMIND. I knew about ComiXology but never pursued them because they were for mainstream comics (Marvel, DC and Image) and I never thought they would even consider listing reMIND next to The Walking Dead and Batman.

Later, John and I talked at the San Diego Comic-Con and I told him that I was about to launch a new Kickstarter for Volume 2. He offered to put reMIND on Comixology and offer it for free as a download to all my backers. I said yes. Now I happily announce that reMIND Volume 1 and 2 will be exclusively on ComiXology as a digital download. Not only that, if you back reMIND on Kickstarter then you will be given a free download of the book you selected.

The best part about this is you will be able to get this ComiXology download months before the book actually comes out so if you are eager to see how reMIND ends, ComiXology readers will be the first ones to see it. We don’t have an official release date yet but I’ll let you know as we get closer. Here is a quick word from ComiXology:

All Kickstarter backers at $25 or more will be gifted a copy of the book they selected for free on comiXology – the revolutionary digital comics platform.

That means if you have an iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire or access to the web – and if you are reading this than you do – you will be able to read reMIND in comiXology’s patent pending Guided View across their entire platform!

There you have it! I know many of you have been asking me about a downloadable version of reMIND and here it finally is. :)

So just for fun I snuck it in my stretch goal chart today at $83k. Blam-o! UNLOCKED!

And just for clarity, here is an updated version of  the “What-am-I-Getting-and-can-I-add-Stuff-to-my-Pledge Chart?” Click to enlarge.

Just so you know, I have been pushing this thing in every way I know how. There’s some good publicity happening now and I have high hopes that things will keep up through the end of this campaign. All my effort is going towards finding new backers now and I know that many of you are doing the same and I greatly appreciate all your effort. Whatever happens, I will make it worth it to you.

Thanks again and I’ll see you on Monday with a new Update!