With our powers combined we have unlocked the secret of $80k! There’s no secret really. It just sounded cooler that way. But I have added one more stretch goal that we were talking about a few days ago. If (when) we reach 87k, I will do my best to make the first 2000 copies of reMIND Vol 2 with a special tipped-in signature page. If I can’t get it tipped-in then it will be something similar though because I’ve never done anything like that before so there are many unanswered questions about the logistics of doing something like this in a book.

$80,000 goal reached and the reMIND poster (digital only) has been unlocked!

Congratulations! Don’t get too excited about your download just yet because I’m not going to start working on it until after I actually finish the book. And I have a confession to make…

Yesterday I was trying to thumbnail out the 6 page Epilogue (the ending of the story) and… I completely rewrote it. This isn’t uncommon for me though. I usually have a rough script and when I finally go to thumbnail everything I make massive changes. The final chapter is still the same and I’m super excited for you to see it because it has all the amazing moments that I’ve been waiting to show for 7 years now. Anyway, I am very satisfied with the new ending now. I just need to send it to my editor to see if I’m crazy. :)

This brings me to the remaining tier levels. I was thinking about offering a new fancy tier reward but I decided against it yesterday. So what you have on the left is what you will have until the campaign closes in 6 days. I even removed the crazy $10k tier for fear that someone would actually select it and then I would have to paint a giant painting which would take me forever. haha It would be a great problem to have if I didn’t have to finish the book still but my time is limited to I need to be careful about what I offer.

You might also notice that I reduced some of the limited rewards. The $600 tier I lowered to 7 slots now. This allows me to give a plushie keychain to the 3 backers who pledged $650 now. So there is only 1 more $600 level left and I don’t plan on offering any more big rewards so grab it if you want it.

As of now, I will not be offering any more of my first printings of Volume 1 here on Kickstarter. Sorry. Well, except for that final $600 tier.

In addition, there are only 28 more BOX SET’s left. I don’t really want to increase the number that I need to make either so I doubt I will be upping the amount available. I know all these decisions might affect the amount of money we can potentially raise here but the real problem is going to be where to store over 5000 books and 600 slipcases when they arrive. It’s going to be a madhouse for a few months at my place.

To give you some perspective of just how many books that is. When I printed 2500 copies of Volume 1, I was delivered 4 pallets of books out of the back of a semi truck. I knew it would be a lot of books so I built some massive shelves in my garage to hold most of it.

When the books came the four pallets filled up the entire floor space of my half garage. I moved 3 of the four pallets to the shelves and started working on filling orders. You can see there is still a full pallet of books on the floor in the bottom left corner of this picture below.

Now, with this new run I will be printing at least twice as many books as this AND the second volume is thicker that the first one. AND I will also have slipcases as well. So I’m estimating having at least 8 to 10 pallets of books this time. I’m planning on moving some of my garage tools and stuff outside to a shed to make more room for all this craziness. It’s going to be tiring but I can’t wait!

If anyone is a local to North Hollywood and needs a job next year then let me know. I’m going to be looking for a good assistant to help out. ;)

See you soon,