In early 2010 I wrote an article on my blog called 1000 True Fans. Well, it was written about this original article by Kevin Kelly who is a best selling author. But I bring this up because the reMIND Vol 2 Kickstarter now has over 1000 backers who have shelled out their hard eared money to get a book. I’m not sure how many will continue to support any of my future projects but it feels surreal to look at that number when only 2 years ago I was dreaming about it. So I just want to take this moment to do The Slow Clap to all of you. Thanks for making this happen!

Now onto some amazing news!

Today I have a few choice morsels to serve you. First of all, raise of hands, has anyone heard of Skottie Young?  (pause) Yeah, it looks like about 92% of you have. Very good. For those of you who don’t know of Skottie, he is the artist of the New York Times Best Selling and Eisner Award winning series of OZ adaptations published by Marvel Comics. And in my opinion he has one of the most imaginative art styles I’ve seen in a long time. (Link to Google Images here)

Skottie bought a copy of reMIND when it was a pre-order on Amazon and wrote one of my first reviews there. Since then he has been a big supporter of reMIND and we’ve become great friends. You can even give him some credit for keeping me focused on finishing this second book when all I wanted to do was flounder.

So why am I talking about Skottie? Because I asked him if he would contribute a pinup to the back of the book and he immediately said yes. In fact, you can see his amazing contribution right here! (Link to his site and see more amazing art)

In addition to that I am happy to announce that Skottie will be writing the Foreword for Volume 2! Thanks again Skottie, for all your help and support.


On a side note, I had another audio interview shortly after I launched this Kickstarter Campaign with Santosh from  This one is more geared towards artists who are trying to create their own intellectual property. It went live this morning and you can hear part 1 right here. Thanks Santosh!


Some of you noticed that I removed the $900 and $2000 tiers. I don’t have any grand reasons. I just decided to take them down because the bigger this campaign gets the less I will have time to do all these crazy big rewards which involve paintings and stuff. I think I’ll even remove the $10,000 reward as well because painting a large painting will take me FOREVER! Haha. Who knows maybe, Will Smith is watching this campaign just waiting to pull the trigger. ;)

I have another fun idea for a new reward but I’m still on the fence if I should put it up because it will complicate things. And at this point, I want to focus on getting new backers who have never heard of reMIND more than anything.

Oh yeah, one more thing. So for the first Volume of reMIND, I printed 2500 copies and they were all numbered. At this point I am looking at printing around 3500 copies of reMIND Volume 2 because of the amount of orders already placed through Kickstarter. BUT, I will not be numbering more than 2500 copies of Vol 2. I might even lower it to the first 2000 copies that are numbered this time so I can sell the unnumbered copies to Amazon, Libraries and random book stores. This will save me lots of time I think. But it also gives me the opportunity to do something extra special to those first 2000 copies. I’m looking into doing a Tipped-In page like a backer suggested that might look something like one of these:

If this is the case, then these first 2000 copies that you all get will be very special indeed! This is just a thought at this point but one I am seriously considering.

And now, your daily progress chart!

See you tomorrow!