Just when I thought we couldn’t do it you hit a new goal in less than a day! That is incredible and I know that many of you are out there pounding the pavement sharing this project with friends, family and just today I was told that a backer talked about it on his radio show!!! Thank you all so much! This 100k ultimate goal is actually starting to look achievable now. If we keep going at the rate we are going then we will just barely hit it before the campaign closes. So keep it up and we’ll all be flipping through an  extra hardcover book with lots of sketches and explanation of the journey to make reMIND!

But first, CONGRATULATIONS! Everyone who pledges at a 40 tier or higher will now get an original animation cell (pencil drawing from the reMIND animation). Even I don’t remember what all is in my huge stack of animation pages. All I know is some will be simple floating heads and some will be full on animation stills. It’s kinda like a lottery ticket where you might get something really cool and you might get something… not so cool.

Lets see where we are now:

You might notice my blue trend line on the chart. We have been climbing at just the right rate that if continued, will guarantee the hardcover book gets made. :) Lets keep this going.

I have a few new ideas for stretch goals that I’ll be adding in-between 80k and 100k too. I just need to work out more details before I can announce anything so keep subscribed to these updates.

Original Art 3

Here are a few pictures I took this morning of some of the full pages of reMIND that you would get if you pledge for the Original Art 3 tier. Hopefully this helps you decided which one to select. You can see pictures of Original Art 1 and 2 in update # 11


I’ve been asked what the 11×17 prints will look like and so here are some pictures. Now that I measure them I see they are actually on 12×16 paper for the most part with a few exceptions like the image of Victuals in the rain with his robo-suit is 7.5×18. I hope that doesn’t ruin anyone’s plans if they are slightly a different size. The pictures below show the cover print of Vol 1, and a few random spreads (minus the word balloons) and a hero shot of Victuals. If you have a $600 tier package then you will be able to choose any spread in the book to be your signed print or a cover. I used to sell the spreads at conventions but it’s too hard to know which page people want so I discontinued it. Now the only way to get one of these reMIND spreads will be through this Kickstarter campaign.

 Don’t mind me. I just woke up in that picture. :)

Now if you like any of these prints and want to add one to your pledge then I would love to sell you one. You will just need to add $30 to your pledge (to cover the print and shipping tube) If you want more than one then add $20 for each additional print you want. This will be your responsibility to remind me what your extra money if for when I send you the survey to collect your information before I ship everything. So make sure to write down what you are adding and how much we agreed it would cost because I will never be able to keep track of it all myself.

Okay NOW, for all the people who wanted to add shirts, prints and anything else to their order, if you are confused at what comes with each tier, if you don’t know if you can add something to your pledge then please refer to my handy little chart below. Click the chart to see it full size.

Sorry again about the shipping for the prints. I hope this doesn’t come back to haunt me. hah. For those of you requesting to add original art to their pledge, the best way is to just message me through Kickstarter because I might adjust the price down depending on how much you are pledging or if you are helping out is additional ways with this campaign.

If you do add money to your tier to pay for something additional (where allowed) then remember that it’s your responsibility to keep track of what you added so you can tell me later. This is the only way for me to make sure I get your reward right. And even so I’m sure I’ll make some mistakes but I will make sure you are happy at the end of the day. :)

Wow! That took a long time to make. If you see any errors in this chart (which there probably are some) then please let me know. But hopefully this answers many questions out there.

That’s it for today! Thanks again for all your help in making this so successful!

See you soon,


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