Good Morning!

I started working on the sketches for the other postcards this morning and I’ll post them all when I get something I like.

Also, I am still waiting on a few bits of information before I can announce some new things that I’m excited about. :) But just so you know, I can’t get a full refund on the upcoming convention so it looks like I’ll be going after all. None the less, I don’t want to pass up this opportunity to sell as many first printings here on Kickstarter while there is demand so I have resolved to only bring a handful of books to the con and a bunch of fliers and prints and other stuff. This allows me the ability to throw a bunch of first printings at this campaign like so many people have requested. The only thing I am hesitant about now is how many more names I can fit into the book. So to solve that problem, I am offering some first printing box sets with Phobos (and no name in the book) for $125. Remember that you can add a shirt or two to your limited reward if you want by adding $20 a shirt (or $25 for 3x and larger).

If you are looking to upgrade to a first printing then now is your chance! I still have more but depending on how things go they might be put into different tier levels.

PDF of Sketches of Volume 1 for all backers!

The big news of yesterday is that we broke through the 7th stretch goal which unlocks the downloadable sketch version of all the pages of Volume 1! Once the campaign closes I’ll give you a link in one of the BACKER ONLY updates.

It’s exciting to see that we are breaking through a new stretch goal almost every day now. I’m wracking my brain to figure out some new rewards to offer but it’s getting harder now. I don’t want to offer too many things that will take me a long time to make (like original paintings) but I am considering it.

On another note, I lowered the $1000 tier to $900 and changed the original art ink drawing of your choice to be 8×11 now. I also upgraded the size of the original painting in the $2000 tier to 8×11.

Well, here is the new chart with our progress. We are currently at $66,258. Only a few more thousand until I start giving away animation pages! :) I have a few more rewards I plan to squeeze in between some of these existing ones as soon as the details are worked out too.

We will need to do some major work to get that 100k goal but I think it’s definitely obtainable. If everyone can convince a friend, in person, to check out this Kickstarter and make a pledge then we will hit it for sure! There is no better marketing than one on one friend recommendations.

You have all been amazing so far and I thank you again! High five’s all around!

See you soon,