Hey all. Many of you know I have discontinued writing how-to articles on this blog and instead I’m posting them on my new site MakingComics.com. I have some BIG plans in the near future with this new site. BIG! So if you are on the reMINDer mailing list in hopes of getting “Making Graphic Novel” type information then you need to jump on over to MakingComics.com and sign up there instead.

Once again, if you are on the reMINDblog.com mailing list please take a second to join my new list DEDICATED to people making comics.

I have finally switched to Aweber.com which is the most popular and powerful email marketing system out there. It costs money but I’m really enjoying the features.

Exclusively for the new mailing list, I am writing 20 tips for making your comic. These will be sent out ONLY through email so jump on the list if you want to get ’em!

Thanks again for sharing my articles on reMINDblog.com and making them so popular. Hopefully MakingComics.com can take over from now on for any of your making comics needs.

– Jason