Here is the final page in the Bran-Jar guest story. Today’s page is drawn by Jim Francis also know for his webcomic called Outsider. Click the thumbnail to read:

reMIND Pre-Orders are Still Open!

Last week I announced the opening of pre-orders for reMIND Vol 1.  I will keep it open until the end of May. For some reason I had a mental goal of selling 100 pre-orders in order for it to feel successful. I had the fear that most everyone who wanted to buy a copy already did so during the Kickstarter campaign and I kept worrying that it would be hard to move any more than that in the pre-order stage.  Well, I’m happy to announce that I’ve sold 117 pre-orders already. So this brings the new total sold just over 600 copies. Now, I’m reserving 500 preview copies to send to reviewers, stores and people of influence in order to help spread the word more. So in turn that means about 1100 are gone. It’s a good thing I decided to print up 2500 instead of 2000.

reMIND is on Amazon!

Yesterday I submitted reMIND to Amazon. I just did a search and it’s on their site already! You can see it here. For some reason, my title description didn’t show up yet and I don’t know how people can write reviews either. But it’s just cool to see it on there as a pre-order. The official release date is July 21, 2011. Yep, Comic-Con. My plan is to sell pre-orders through my site until the end of May and then exclusively sell them through Amazon, conventions and comic stores that decide to carry it after that. You’ll always be able to order on Amazon though.

Does anyone know why my description didn’t show up or how other can write a review? I’d love it if a bunch of you wrote a good review to help convince other Amazoners to order it as well.

Other Stuff

I’ve been working like crazy to finish my new studio/storage space in time for the books and I’ve been having conversations with publicity companies to see who is willing to work with me. I’ll let you know how some of that is going soon. It’s a lot of money but I think it’s the right thing to do if I want to take this seriously.

Speaking of taking this seriously. I’m realizing more and more that I need experts to help me in areas that I lack especially in the world of running a publishing company. Basically, if you are a professional in some way and feel like you have something to offer to make Coffee Table Comics rise up out of the sea of obscurity then shoot me an email. I’d love to talk. I know I will eventually need a business entrepreneur onboard. Someone who can think of all the things that I’m missing to make this thing really go. So yeah, if you love reMIND and you feel like you’re that person then send me an email!

Once again, you can pre-order a copy of reMIND here!