Here it is! The beginning of Bran-Jar’s story. This is the first of 9 pages all written by Christopher Wrann of Aquarium Drinking and each page is drawn by a different artist in their own style. This weeks page is drawn by Mathieu Moyen who created the webcomic 6-Commando. Here’s what Christopher has to say about the project:

“I wrote a nine page story about a minor character named Bran-Jar and what might have happened after his encounter with the story’s protagonist. I realized that to draw this story myself would be far too great an undertaking and set off on a virtual journey across the globe to enlist some of my favorite online graphic novelists. I have assembled an international team of comic creators consisting of myself and eight others. We will each illustrate one page of the story in our own unique style.” – Christopher Wrann

Click the thumbnail to see page 1.

Next week we will continue the story so check back! In case you forgot who’s involved here’s all the contributors to Bran-Jar’s story again:

Aviv Itzcovitz:

Daniel Lieske:

Jim Francis:

Joost Haakman:

Kim Ku:

Mathieu Moyen:

Peter Hon:

Sarah Ellerton:

Christopher Wrann: