Since I was negative about Comic Sans in my article 7 Reasons to NOT use Comic Sans in Your Comic, I figured I should at least point out all the great ways you could actually use it. So, I consulted my forum to see if we could put our heads together and make a list of uses for Comic Sans MS. Here are the top 30.

When to use Comic Sans MS:

  1. When accompanied by braille.
  2. In an email, when you need to break up with your designer girlfriend or boyfriend, but don’t have the guts to just do it.
  3. For font sizes 3pts. or smaller.
  4. Whenever writing profanity to maximize offensiveness.
  5. Your name is Vincent Connare. You made this, so might as well use it proudly.
  6. It’s a life and death situation!!! For some reason.
  7. You mistook it for “Cosmic Sense”.
  8. You’re drunk and it makes it look like the “best font ever”.
  9. If it was an accident.
  10. To emphasize how smart your dumbest character is getting.
  11. If your comic is wordless.
  12. If you’re a Fortune 500 company?
  13. If you write Dave Gibbons asking for his permission to use it since it was supposedly based on his lettering. Good luck.
  14. If on your death bed, you can’t talk and the only way you can communicate is by texting your family with your final words but all your other fonts have somehow vanished.
  15. If your natural handwriting looks exactly like it.
  16. If you’re playing the ‘guess-what-letter-I’m-drawing-on-your-back-with-my-finger’ game with a comatose pal.
  17. You’re applying for a letterer job. The thing is… you actually want to be rejected, it’s too much pressure!
  18. You’re writing a ransom note. You want to mess with these people as much as possible.
  19. You’re testing how typography affects the human psyche. This is a good place to start.
  20. You’re writing a letter to your clown friend.
  21. You’re using invisible ink. No, the real stuff that can’t be made visible. Ever.
  22. If you are printing it on a dot matrix printer. From the 80’s.
  23. Comic Sans can be used on anything that explodes.
  24. If you are over 90 years old. I mean, come on, you earn the right to do whatever you want at that age.
  25. If you want to republish your comic again in a few years with revised lettering.
  26. If you are making a list of all the fonts ever made.
  27. When you want to stick it to a really crappy client that is a major pain (Papyrus may also be used)
  28. You’re writing notes to yourself.
  29. If you’re a homicide detective investigating a murder that took place at a party with 100 people and you know that a graphic designer has committed the murder but you don’t know which attendee is a graphic designer, make a sign using Comic Sans and ask everyone what they think of it. The graphic designer will be the only person who has a problem with it.
  30. If you are making a list called “When to use Comic-Sans”

Well, there you have it. Hopefully this will cool down all the hatred from my last article against the font. Feel free to leave additional suggestions for the font in the comments below. I’d like to thank a few friends for contributing to this list too. Check out their webcomics below:

Aviv Itzcovitz, new Thrall, Emily Lorange, Christopher Kosek, Christopher Wrann, and Mr. Average.